My love for photography began with my very first DSLR a little Nikon d60 gifted to me by my dearest friends before I took off for a year and a half living and traveling in South East Asia. (You can read about some of my travels here.)

During my travels I spent a lot of time alone wandering with my camera which has taught me so much about life. Yes, my camera – photography has taught me to have a deeper appreciation for basic human emotions and expressions. It has taught me to see all the beauty in life that is sometimes hidden. And, perspective; I’ve learned to look beyond what is….to see ¬†everything, everyone and every situation for it’s potential to be beautiful and not to let that moment slip away.

About me? I am a HUGE dreamer but also a doer. A Lover of life. Inspired by nature, the out doors, hand crafted goods, hand written letters, thoughtful design & the simple joys of life.

I dream of a life LIVING.

Loving. Traveling. Learning. Giving back. Adventuring. Creating.

As a photographer you will see all these aspects in my personality (so, I’ve been told) ¬†– I will be ecstatic to hear about your story and to capture it is my honor. I am an old soul yet young at heart. A naturally happy person who is always smiling; I am thoughtful, sentimental, spontaneous, very very patient and so incredibly grateful to do what I LOVE.